About Patio Gear

Garden Tools PatioGear.net might never have come into existence if our company president hadn’t hurt his back one day while gardening on his farm in California back in 2001.

On his way back from the chiropractor, and trying to work out how to avoid this situation from ever happening again – the idea came to him of developing a handle that could be attached to long-handled tools so he would not have to bend over again while working.

Nearly six months and half a dozen prototypes later, the first edition of the Ezimate was developed and after trial and error the Ezimate was working, and working well. It made gardening noticeably easier and faster  with no back pain.

The prototype was not quite ready for commercial release we bought on board a very talented industrial designer from the USA and started exploring ways to sell the product including through the internet. We registered some domain names and patented the product worldwide through a Global Patent Application. By 2001 ezimate was online and accepted credit card payments. Slowly but surely our website rankings improved and sales kept growing and growing, as more customers discovered the web site and liked the products.

Patio Gear’s tool is the best garden tool and the most superior product on the market in quality, performance and ability to reduce back stress and reduce back pain. Take your garden to its fullest natural potential & protect your back at the same time. The Patio Gear tool has worked for many serious gardeners worldwide and we are the best garden tool brand around the world. Many of our customers use the Patio Gear tool every day and the results are amazing. We proudly promote this garden tool because it lets you enjoy gardening again. We are truly excited to release this best garden tool, as we know that everyone who enjoys gardening will benefit from the ergonomic benefits and let you garden in a safe & convenient natural fashion.

Though numerous garden tools continue to flood the market, none are able to replicate the results which our Top Selling Patio Gear tool produces. We recommend everyone out there to have at least one Patio Gear tool. Its one Garden tool product you’ll never regret buying.

Today the Patio Gear’s tool remains the worlds most awarded garden tool – with thousands of satisfied customers around the world. So, as you can see, we’re no giant corporation. We’re just a family owned company, providing a garden tool that we think you’ll like and can’t be without. We love what we do and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else! We’ve been in business since 2001, and we’re here to stay.

If you’re not already one of our customers then we sincerely invite you to join us today.